Feedback for our Landing Page!

Hi All, it’s really nice to be part of this community. We are an online market place where we provide individuals with the right set of tools, networks, resources, and coaching support to achieve their personal and professional goals.” It would be really nice if you could give us your feedback for our landing page. Cheers!

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Welcome to the community.

I think your platform has value, especially with all the challenges of the current times. And making some improvements to the page could help convey that value better to your target audience.

The offer and positioning is bit confusing, especially in the hero. It’s too broad. Different people have different goals, so you could be referring to almost anything. Also, much of the language (such as “achieve personal success”, “be the greatest”, etc.) is relative and abstract. It may be that you are trying to be all things to all people.

It looks like this is more related to career goals, right? If so, I’d focus on that and put it in more concrete terms such as landing your dream job, climbing the corporate ladder, etc. You may even want to create a bunch of unique landing pages targeting specific audience segments and benefits your service rather than sending everyone to a home page.

Then next sections should explain a bit better how you’re going to do that for them. I know the page lists the different features like coaching and social media management that are supposed to do that. But why should readers believe it? What makes your solution better? Can you demonstrate it?

Social proof would also help. Any customer success stories or testimonials you can point to?

Best of luck.