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I’m trying to get some feedback on a landing page we have developed. I’m having people redirected from Facebook to the unbounce landing page we created. I think an adequate conversion goal would be 5% or more with a 2% or more CTR on the actual Facebook ad (please correct me if I’m wrong). With one of the ads that we’ve created for our chiropractic client, we’ve developed a free guide on 3 Easy Steps to Ease Your Back Pain. This has a CTR of 4.51% on Facebook with a reach of 258 and actual link clicks to the landing page count of 12. I just started this campaign and I know it is early, but thought I would go ahead and get some feedback because all 12 of these link clicks have closed the page without giving their e-mail or name. Can you give me some feedback? Here is the landing page:

I tried keeping it simple with what the chiropractor does, the form submission, and a few testimonials.

I appreciate your time.



Hello. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’ve now had 53 visits to this landing page, high CTR, with 0 conversions. I’m not sure why people are bouncing. I appreciate your insight. Thank you!!


Just a few suggestions:

  1. The stock image does nothing to support the message. Have a custom image created showing a picture of the guide which although is virtual, creates a tangible perception of value.
  2. Headline: one simple headline focusing less about WHAT they are getting, but WHY they need it. Make that headline pop. Less technical wording, more laymen’s terms.
  3. A few bullet points to expand on the headline // value prop so they get a flavour of what’s in the guide. Create an itch… but they have to download the guide to scratch it.
  4. Call to action: kill the “submit” in the CTA button and replace it with a goal orientated CTA. Like: Get A Better Back etc. And make that CTA button POP!

btw… if those testimonials are not for the guide… or are pushing his service… then maybe consider split testing having them removed. I’ve split tested that and found in some cases (not always) removing them actually gets higher results. Depends on the circumstances.

Just a few suggestions… hope it help.s.


Hey Zachary,

I agree with the points @christiank brought up. Some great insights there.

In addition, here’s a quick video review of the page with some more feedback for you:



Hi @christiank @Nicholas!

I really appreciate the awesome feedback. I’ve taken it all into account and would ask that you take a second look at it for me:

Any improvement? Any other thoughts on perfecting it? I appreciate the help…



Hey Zachary,

It’s looking better!

I’d recommend getting a professional cover designed for the ebook. If you don’t have someone who does it in-house, Fiverr has a lot of graphic designers who do excellent work on ebook covers and it’s pretty affordable.

Also, maybe also test out some of the Unbounce page templates, since they are already designed to be optimized for conversions. You could always run a split test using your custom page and an Unbounce template that you customize with your info.


Hi @Nicholas!

Thanks for the feedback again. If you don’t mind looking at it one more time, I did go with one of the unbounce lead generation templates. I think this one looks much cleaner and is much more efficient at getting to the point. I appreciate any feedback.



Hey, sure! Here’s a quick video with some feedback on the new layout:


Hi @Nicholas! Thank you so much for taking the time to give feedback. I’ll apply all of these recommended changes. You’re awesome!