Feed back on landing page


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
We have recently launched new course in our institute and would like to have leads for enrolment

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Facebook marketing, adwords.

3: What is your conversion goal?
To get phone number and email address of potential customers

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:
ex. https://foundation.mbtc.ae/mindbuilder-bansal/


Hey there,

So it may be my internet connection, but I doubt it. In any case it took a very long time for the form to pop-up after clicking the button.

But at first glance, I think your header is complicated to read and isn’t quite strong enough to convince me to do anything. The line near the footer gives me more incentive to click. Maybe with a little re-wording, try putting that has your header instead.

I bet getting sample study material is a plus, and telling me that first is better than finding it at the bottom of the page.


Thanks Sir for your valuable response and feedback.

Will correct soon




Hi Anunidhi,

This isn’t really a landingpage I would launch. My advice would be to take some of the advertising budget and spend them on a designer, maybe a Fiverr or the like. Just to create a mock-up you can work from.

If not, then here are a few overall thoughts:

  • I would utilize more whitespace, everything is very crammed and makes it difficult to get an easy overview.

  • Would change all the text from features to benefits, for example:
    In essence, what do I get out of signing up with you guys rather than your competitor?

  • Get rid of all the stock-photos you can, and get some real shots. If not possible, try and use photos that you don’t see on all other sites.

  • Use only 1 phone number. Instead of people having to guess which one is the correct, tell them.

  • Your websites footer says 2017, it makes me think this is an outdated page and will instantly make me move on.

  • Go on Fiverr and get a native English speaker to correct all grammar. (Your contact form even uses chat-abbreviations like “pls”)

  • Have a designer re-arrange this part of the page into separate elements where applicable. Also looks like pictures where stretched in some parts, it would be great to have higher quality pics, less text and a simpler layout.

  • Try and minimize all text. Basically, see if you can remove 50% or more of the text from the page by re-writing sentences, not just deleting.

Andreas Obel