Feature Update: SSL is almost ready for launch!


Hey Everyone!

As you all know, SSL has been has been one of our most requested features  for quite some time, and we have been working very hard to make it ready for our customers. We’ve also spent a few months working with a Closed Beta group to test out SSL secured domains in Unbounce.

I’m very excited to let everyone know that we have decided on a late May launch for this feature. This launch timeframe is entirely based on the remaining development work required to complete this feature and the feedback we have received from our awesome Beta group!

With SSL secured domains in Unbounce, our customers will now be able to:

  • Provide their page visitors a consistent and trusted page experience - this is especially helpful for customers that link to or from SSL secured websites.

  • Publish pages with HTTPS web addresses, providing compatibility with third party tools like Facebook and Linkedin.

  • The ability to embed third party tools directly onto Unbounce pages to provide enhanced security to page visitors. (Examples of this would be E-Commerce buttons/forms or Secured forms)

SSL secured domains will be a Pro feature included in all Pro 99 plans and higher. We have made the process of enabling SSL fairly straight forward (and free!) by embedding it into the workflow of adding a domain. We take care of issuing, managing and renewing SSL certificates for customers, so that they can focus on building the best landing pages out there!

We are really excited to get this feature out the door and into the hands of our customers! Please let us know your thoughts and feedback!


Great you are doing this.  However given we already manage an SSL provider, adding a sub-domain to our SSL cert is simple, we would want to maintain our consistent SSL cert across the unBounce domain too.  What are you doing it that way? Surely we should be able to install our own cert too?
We have a Business EV cert - what type of Cert are you offering?
If you do it, then user cannot take advantage of bulk SSL discounts, eg for 5 domains or wildcard domains.


Hi Craig,

Great questions! 

We are rolling out with DV certs to start but will consider other options if we find there is enough demand. 

One of the reasons we won’t support uploading external own certs when we first launch SSL is because we would bear a significant responsibility for your certs. Although it is very unlikely to occur, we would not want a breach of our security to impact the security on your other sites. With the way we have implemented it, our team can control and troubleshoot issues without having to involve your IT team. 

We expect that most of our customers will appreciate the trouble free aspect of our implementation. Simply add a new domain and we’ll handle everything else. 

As for bulk discounts etc., since we are making SSL free for all our pro accounts, you don’t have to worry about pricing or renewing certs at all. We’ll take care of it for you.  :)


Hi Eric, 

That’s good to know. There are many different use cases for SSL but I hadn’t realized that LinkedIn delays the deployment of updates for moderation without SSL enabled. I’ll add that bit of info to our KB. :slight_smile:


Good news, everyone! 

SSL has finally been released for all PRO99 plans and up. Check out the release thread here:

Thanks for your continued support for this feature!


Great to hear about this new feature. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates for instance, flags all landing pages for review that do not have HTTPS so Unbounce adding this is critical for my workflow and will take away the 24-hour review period they have now.