Feature Requests!


Hi there,

A few feature requests for you:

  1. The ability to clone more than one page at a time - We’ve been using unbounce lately to create landing pages for webinar sign ups. We have many different dates/times available which means we need to create many variations of the same landing page layout at one time. It would be great to hit “duplicate” and then enter in how many duplicates of that page I want.

  2. The ability to delete/unpublish multiple landing pages at one time - again, lots of landing pages for webinars that need to get unpublished or deleted after use.

That’s all for now! Thanks in advance for your consideration. :slight_smile:


Hey there, welcome to the forums!

First off, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to hit us up with these ideas. Our product/dev teams are always looking for ways to make our app more functional and user friendly, so this type of feedback is crucial for future development.

I had an idea about unpublishing multiple pages at the same time, but it would require having different domains for your different campaigns. For example, if you have ‘flashwebinar.unbounce.com’, all you would have to do is delete that domain from your domains list and all pages using this would revert back to ‘unbouncepages.com’.

This probably isn’t the best solution, but it might be a viable option in the meantime.

Lastly, if you’re constantly creating/deleting different campaigns and landing pages, and always testing new ideas, then you’re clearly utilizing Unbounce the way it’s meant to be used. Good on you! If it’s not too much to ask, I’d love it if you could continue sharing this feedback going forward. In fact, if you have a chance to share your experiences on other areas of this forum that would be fantastic.

Thanks again for the feedback!