FEATURE REQUEST: Resizing video to match browser size


Currently videos can only be a fixed width/height. I would like it to resize when users resize their browser window, ie., have a percent setting (width=100%, height=100%). Otherwise I’m going to have to choose another provider, even though I’m really happy with everything else. But not being able to have the video expand/contract with the browser window makes the page look like crap. :frowning:


How did you get your video to have sound?  I am having trouble with that…


The catch-22 is this…if you want sound, you have to embed the video but you won’t  be able to get the video to auto size with the browser window size. If you want the video to auto size, then you have to use a video background, but then you can’t have sound.

IMHO, this is a MAJOR issue that unbounce needs to fix. Love their product but am already in the process of seeking alternatives now. It can’t be that hard to make it work, although I’ll be the first to admit I’m a noob coder. But I do know it’s simple to do with HTML5/CSS on a plain vanilla site, so there’s something that unbounce platform is doing that is breaking it (or just not allowing it) 

Really hope the dev team reads this…


Hi guys, 

I can’t speak to the reasoning behind Unbounce’s decision to not allow auto playing of sound. 

However, from a UX perspective, auto playing sounds is not good practice.
It’s why, for example, your Facebook app auto-plays videos as you scroll down but you have to intentionally click on a video to get the sound. 

The video background should complement your page and shouldn’t be used as the main focus point of the page. 

Any particular reason you need the sound to be turned on by default? 



I agree auto is not good and don’t want that to be on my site. But, you can’t even turn it on with an action either. No sound is allowed for video backgrounds. To my original post, I’m actually not looking to use a video background and would rather use an embedded video. However, as mentioned, if you use an embedded video, you can get sound, but then the video size is static. Really, really sucks. :frowning:


Just to add - I’m trying to use custom HTML in a section to try and get it to work.  A support engineer from unbounce said he tried and failed, but can’t hurt to try myself


NO luck. :frowning:


Have there been any updates here I have a client that is insisting the video re-size responsively but has to have his sound too