Feature request: Preview link for pages


It would be great if there was a way to show people that don’t have Unbounce accounts a preview of a page – currently the only way you can show somebody without an account is to take a screenshot of a page or publish the page.

An awesome feature would be a preview URL for sharing purposes. That would make showing work much easier! :slight_smile:




You could always publish it to the unbouncepages.com URL temporarily and make sure the box “Hide my page from search engines” is selected. Then, after you’re finished showing it, just unpublish.


This is exactly what I do :-) 


Maybe the “Hide my page from search engines” should be checked by default?

Usually there’s a work process for pages like this and almost always needs to be approved or be checked by other people. Its really hard to miss unchecking it later when you’re editing the page properties when about to go live.


I agree, that would be a nice feature. You can do the workaround publishing to the unbouncepages domain, but publishing and unpublishing multiple times for each page ends up being a bit of a pain. Having a sharable preview url would definitely improve the workflow.


Hi all,
Thanks for the responses on this thread!

Just wondering if you guys primarily need to share a preview of your landing page internally (such as a team member or manager) or externally to clients?

In the meanwhile, we’ll take a look into this request!


Internal reviewers. The registration process to get to a preview link to a reviewer is very cumbersome for the reviewer. Is there any progress or update on when or if this ability might happen?


Hi there @jlaw,
Happy New Year and thanks for the response.

This feature is still under investigation. I did have a follow-up question: you had specified that you’d like internal reviewers to preview a page. Is the primary blocker that you don’t want that page to be officially published have to publish the page and then send the URL for it to get reviewed?

Thanks again!


Yep. We have content that needs to be reviewed before it is live. Currently the only way to do this is to have the reviewer create an account and then require them to login into Unbounce and view the page or overlays by the preview URL. It would be great if the reviewer could view the URL and ideally provide feedback/comments on the preview similar to prototypes in Invision. The other challenge is that the service doesn’t seem to provide controls to lock/limit access for reviewers to their projects. So, this would be a risk for our group and probably other agencies who may use your service.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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That’s super helpful information. I’ll take this back to our developers and see what can be done!