Feature request: please bring in support for .svg files!


Feature request: please bring in support for .svg files!


Definitely something we will look into.


Any update on this? Would love to see this feature added. With modern browsers all supporting inline SVGs now and with how helpful SVGs can be for a responsive designs and retina displays, this feature is much needed.


+1 Any update? Support important for responsive landing pages. Having to retrofit SVG for diagrams is super challenging. 




still no support for this, after 5 years?


Please add svg support. That would make life so much easier.


And our landingpages so much better! :) 


Please add svg support


I’ve been using SVGs for about a year now. I would love for Unbounce to support them like other images. If you really want me to love you guys, automatically generate fallback .png for old browsers (mainly Internet Explorer 9).

SVGs are crucial for retina image support.

I’m sick of having a blurry logo on retina displays!


+1 SVG is a must, retina blurriness drives me crazy


Instapages has SVG support - https://instapage.com/blog/svg-image-builder-expansion


I know this by no means is an optimal solution, but I’ve found an ok solution for working around this issue, but it requires the app Iconjar. it’s a $29 app, and I can highly recommend Iconjar (https://geticonjar.com) to organize all your icons.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Import SVG files in Iconjar
  2. Export to desired resolution png (at least 2x how you intend to display it on a landing page)
  3. Add a box element to your landing page
  4. Set background style to ‘image’
  5. Upload and choose your PNG

Using a box with image as background is a great way of making sure you have retina ready images, so we use that for all images on pages.

I realize this is not perfect, but hope it’s helpful for some of you guys.