Feature Request- Copying individual form fields and uploading excel list!


Hi, I have a problem and idea. I would love to be able to not just copy a whole form but copy individual form fields. My use case is this- mid january I need to switch every landing page to different country field names which means I would have to manually type them in, then copy and paste and entire form, which screws up my other hidden fields, which then need to be redone. So could I please have one of these options? 

  1. Ability to copy one field in the form (country/state) from one form to another
  2. Ability to upload an excel spreadsheet and create my own custom list
  3. Ability to upload an excel spreadsheet with own custom list and hidden value too would be nice. 




How can I stop emails from this site?
I’ve tried and was liking the software (Unbounce) but my frustration that I can’t STOP the emails having me cancel my account completely, but it won’t help. I still am in the system.
I hope you change that soon!


Hi Amid, 
Our Community is run through GetSatisfaction, so your account here is technically a separate entity from your Unbounce account. If you want to disable the emails you’re receiving from the community, follow the steps here: 

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Laura, 
This is a really interesting use case and one that I don’t think we’ve really thought about. While I don’t believe we’ll be able to implement this by mid-January, this level of copy/paste doesn’t sound too far fetched. I’ll ping our team and see if it’s possible, and if it is, if we can squeeze it in to our next ship-it day. 


Hi Justin, Thanks! When is your next ship-it day? If there’s any way you could copy one field from one form to another, it would be amazing. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would really love this!


Hey Justin, wondering if anyone else needs this or has use for it. We’ve been emailing back and forth and sounds like it’s not possible at this time and much more complex.


I’m wondering the same thing. I’m going to leave this up here for people to vote on, so hopefully we’ll get some more steam behind this. :) 


Did anything ever come of this? I would love to be able to copy/paste or otherwise store form fields in a more global manner. I have to update form fields on multiple pages, and it is brutal doing it all by hand. And if I copy/paste the form itself, it overwrites my Thank You/submit confirmation pop-ups, which are each custom to the page that they are on.


Hi! I need this too! Managing large forms is frustrating…
The worst is redoing drop down menu over and over again…