Feature request: Build pages on an iPad w/Stylus!


I’d love to switch to an iPad for my daily on the go work, but I built too many landing pages to not need a laptop. It would be great if I was able to create landing pages on the iPad. I’m going to head to the Apple store and test using the stylus and the new iPad Pro but I have a feeling it won’t give me the control I need. Just a suggestion --I bet a lot of marketers carry an iPad on the go!


I was thinking the same. It would be nice to have an Unbounce app to edit on the go.


Hey guys, 

While the geek in me sees the “cool”-ness of being able to build a landing page on your iPad, the developer/designer in me knows it takes a lot more than an app to put together a landing page.

  • How would you export design elements out of Photoshop/Sketch?

  • Add/edit JS/CSS code?

  • Preview and debug when needed?

If we are talking about just editing a word here and there, then you can do that now with an iPad. Building a page from scratch not so much.

If you really need to be on the go, an ultra portable laptop like the MacBook or MacBook Air should give you the freedom/tools you need. Size wise they are not that different from the iPad.

Just my 2c.