[Feature Release] New Editor Open Beta, Zoho CRM Integration and IP Filtering


It’s new features o’clock!

Editor Open Beta & New Templates

We’ve got a batch of new editor improvements ready for you to test drive. Accessing them is as simple as visiting ned.unbounce.com – try it! You can turn it off using the toggle inside the editor toolbar.

There are also 10 new templates for you to use when you try with the new editor (that we affectionately call “Ned”).

Check it out È

Send Your Leads to Zoho CRM

Zoho is an industry leading CRM that’s incredibly popular among the Unbounce faithful. We’re thrilled that you can now enjoy the two together and charm your leads into long-term customers (like, let’s-pick-out-curtains, long term).

How it works È

Unmuddle Your Stats with IP Filtering

With IP filtering, you can automatically remove your own visits, views, and conversions from your page’s stats. Handy for that boss who constantly hits refresh.

Set it up È


Hi guys,

Haven’t seen a product update on the “Updates” topic page in ~6 months and only 2 updates in the past year. This seems like a big decrease in frequency compared to the prior year where there were a ton of new feature updates.

Should we assume that you’ve got a bunch of new feature updates coming at once soon? Or have things slowed? (hoping the former)

Thank you!


Hey Brad - this is mostly a bad on our part so far as keeping this thread updated. We’ve started posting feature releases here but thanks for the nudge.

To bring you up to speed, we released a bunch of improvements and updates to our page builder not that long ago and launched a ton of new templates. We’ll have more new templates coming soon plus are in the R&D phase for responsive design.

We’re currently beta testing a new integration with Infusionsoft and have been doing a fair bit of work on our API. We’ll also be releasing transparency controls to the page builder fairly soon plus a way to make it possible to share templates.

A lot of the other work we’ve been doing isn’t quite as sexy since it’s behind-the–scenes infrastructury stuff. In short, we’ve focused a significant chunk of our time ensuring that Unbounce can scale well and all your pages, stats, and leads are always on, and always safe. (We’ve hit 99.99% uptime which I know our CTO is super proud of).

We’re also hiring to significantly grow our development team so we can get more features out the door more quickly.

There are quite a few other major features in the works but I’ll let Carter, our our Director of Product field those. I’ll ping him so he can chime in for you here.

Thanks for keeping the faith!

PS. I should add that in spite of all this, we’re not getting new features out the door as quickly as we’d like either. If you know anyone who’d be interested in joining our development team to help speed things along, please share our careers page with them.


Hi Brad Ñ Ryan’s right in that we’ve been laying a lot of the ground work for some of the upcoming big features and improvements. Our primary focus this year is to ensure that Unbounce can scale with our professional level customers, and enable them to do quality marketing without being held back by our tool. We’re hoping to grow our product development team by double in the coming months Ñ that will help us deliver on everything that we want to build.

Your comment inspired me to post a new update for the whole community to see what we’re planning, and to ask for help spreading our careers page: http://careers.unbounce.com. Take a look at the update over here and let me know if you’ve got any further questions. Thanks for taking the time to poke us Brad!


Thanks guys, appreciate the updates and hadn’t noticed the release notes page, so that helps too. Keep up the good work!