[Feature Release] Lightboxes


It’s official! 
After a bit of time in beta (and with the help of 200+ generous early adopters),  we’ve officially released Lightboxes  as a full feature in Unbounce. Lightboxes help you add needed details to your pages, without distracting from your CTA. 

>> See how to add a lightbox

We would like to thank each and every  early adopter   who volunteered their time to give this feature a spin before it’s release, as well as those who provided our team with their invaluable thoughts and feedback. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peek’s as well as opportunities to test new product features.


Great feature release!


Thanks for the love, Joe!


Absolutely love it! Hidden the form behind a button. Confident this will increase conversion rate. =)


And thank you all for going the extra mile for us.  Little things like this is what makes Unbounce unique


This is fabulous! Previously if I wanted to add a lightbox with more info I’d have to create a separate page for it in Unbounce, select “open in lightbox” on my cta and point to the custom url, which is a lot of extra manual work. I especially love that you can modify the lightbox button to be an image, as I often create my own call to action images for buttons.

Great feature - thank you!


Awesome! If I have a button in the lightbox is it possible to open the target link out of the lightbox? 


As an early adopter I want to say thank you for bringing this to everyone. It is a great feature!


Thanks for sharing this. I will use light boxes to shorten our mobile pages as I think they’re quite text heavy. Is the light box button will not confuse users and will it not look like that I am having too many CTAs on my page?

Thanks for your advice