[Feature Release]: Create groups for your pages!


Hey Brian, this is something that’s been talked about for a while. Check out the last couple of posts in this thread over here to see some relevant discussion. You’re not alone!


Carter, after looking at the responses you’ve received on this, can we talk about this directly? As a former programmer, I think I may have some insights that can help you get at a result more quickly.


Hey Brian - I missed this reply somehow, and also have a pretty late reply to your email coming soon… sorry for the delay! Let’s chat over email in a bit here…


Just wanted to update everyone that we’ve done another round of improvements to page grouping which is live as of this morning. Nothing huge yet (like drag and drop, or multi-select) but you can now filter your groups by “published” or “unpublished”, just like the default dashboard".

There are also some improvements to the flow of creating a new group while adding a new page to it, as well as the ability to rename a group.

We’ll likely be making this enabled by default for all users in the next week or so, so that we have one less view to support. That’ll allow us to more quickly build out the rest of the features you all want!


Anyone interested can read our release notes from this morning here


This group feature is useful to decluter the display when one has lots of pages, however the ability to add the same custom, common CSS to all pages is needed by all (I’m pretty sure we’re all making rather similar LPs that need the same identity coherence : WHO would want NOT to use the same favicon on all its pages ?)

I just dropped that message here after manually editing the CSS of 11 pages, it’s quite a long process that could be easily fixed.
Please let me know if there is a workaround.



Any update on this idea?


Nice feature release guys!
Happy holidays,Joe


Any way we can make groups within groups?


Any way we can make groups within groups?


Hey Aaron, good Q!

Just took a look for you and I do not think that is possible currently.



I didnt think so, I asked a while about if this was going to happen because it would be handy so hopefully it will at some point. Thanks