[Feature Release] Client Traffic Reports


When offering landing pages as a service to your clients, it’s helpful to be able to report on how much traffic any given landing page is generating.

Fortunately Ð with any Unbounce _ Pro _ plan Р  you can now send clients a summary of their clients’ traffic

You can use traffic reports to demonstrate how well the client’s PPC ads are performing, or to start a conversation about adding traffic-driving strategy into your services.

>> See how to generate a traffic report

Give this new reporting tool a try and let us know what you think in the comments below! 

Happy reporting. :slight_smile:


Traffic Reports - AWESOME… almost but not really.

Hey Justin - I’m checking in here as I was super excited to hear about your traffic reports, but after watching the video and release, was really disappointed.

Is there any thought to being able to create traffic reports for individual pages instead of by client?  I mean there are tons of different pages that we create for each client and specific pages need to be reported to specific folks (not all the pages to an overall client).

i would think that this would be super helpful for almost all of your clients where you put together a field right next to the “Email Me New Leads” button that says “Send Traffic Report to…”



Hi Matthew,

Sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the client traffic reports. I can say that this is only a first pass at getting better reporting into Unbounce. We have a ton of projects planned, one of which is better page reports.

Since we’ve got your attention, do you have any other high value reports that you’d like to see us build?

Would an enhancement to the existing traffic report with a detailed landing page breakdown be useful… and would you rather see it online or do you like emailed reports?

Any information you can share helps us make the product better for you!

And it you are passionate about reporting, we have another thread you might be interested in checking out: https://community.unbounce.com/unbounce/topics/feedback-wanted-reporting-analytics-2-0



Are you really sure you want my wish list? Might cost you a new t shirt! Lol!


Has there been any progress on client traffic reports on a page by page basis? It would be helpful (agencies version) to be able to export a PDF report with either no logo or an agency logo for each page that includes page name, url, variants, visitors, views, conversions, conversion rate, and the conversion rate chart.


Hey @CherylC!

Just wanted to follow up with you on this one. While there is no immediate plan for page-by-page basis reporting, we are looking for ways to add value in the future. Thanks to this feedback, we’re going to look into the page-by-page idea. Thanks for letting us know this is important to you! :spinbounce:


Thank you for the quick response!