FB Pixel not firing on UB Landing Page


I have a FB pixel set up on an unbounce page as a page view and a purchase event. Up until 2 days ago the pixel fired perfectly, but since then it has stopped working. I haven’t changed anything either. http://prnt.sc/mku83q

Anyone else having this issue as well?


Update Google Chrome and relaunch. This was happening to me two days ago and the pixel was firing, it was just FB Pixel Helper that wasn’t functioning properly.


Thanks Adodaro, I discovered that yesterday, I have updated chrome and now FB pixel helper is working. But the pixel isn’t actually firing. I had 6 sales directly from FB ads yesterday being sent to this unbounce LP and it’s not showing in FB as a purchase, even though all 6 people landed on my Unbounce page that has the purchase pixel.


Hi James, could you share your landing page URL? Feel free to send it privately.