FB Browser + External Conversion Tracking


When a user interacts with an ad in Facebook that has an external link, some users will open the link in Chrome, and others will open the link in the native Facebook browser. In order for us to capture the subscriber, it is our job to get all of these users into a non-Facebook browser. We have been able to accomplish this by modifying the click link on the button.

We also use external conversion tracking, and we presume that when users see the Unbounce page in the FB browser and then convert in Google Chrome, for example… that the conversion will not count because we are using external conversion tracking. Is this true? Are there workarounds for this issue?


Hey Logan,

As long as you have properly set up the Facebook Pixel on your Unbounce page it won’t matter what browser a user has opened, the conversion will be tracked in Facebook’s manager and in Unbounce. But you need to make sure the Facebook Pixel has been added to the landing page and the conversion page to track the conversion with Facebook’s manager.


Hi Kyle,

If we add the FB pixel to the Unbounce page as well as our final conversion page, I believe that we will still have under-reported results in Unbounce. Our tracking within FB is not the issue. Did I miss something?