Fancy box form opening new page in the lightbox


I have a form in fancy box and when I click the submit button it loads the new page in the lightbox still. Is there a way to have this new page open in the original window or a new window?


I am certain there would an easier solution than what I am going to propose, but for the moment you could implement the workaround suggested for multi-step forms. 

Under properties, change the “form confirmation” setting to “go to another web page” or “post form data to URL” and create an additional Unbounce page to point to after they complete the form.  (I am thinking that would escape the lightbox, but I have not tested it*)

I assume visitors will click on your call to action button, triggering your light box form?  Have you tried this in the past and any statistically significant boost in form fill conversions from this?

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Hi Noa!
There is technically a way to do this, but it’s going to be a bit different than your current implementation.

I’ve built a quick example page, just click on one of the ‘sign up’ buttons and enter in an email address to see it in action:

If that’s the functionality you’re looking for, then you’ll need to implement a bit of a workaround to get there. Basically all you need to do is follow these steps to get the form showing up in a lightbox. From there, just make sure your form confirmation is set to ‘Go to another webpage’ instead of ‘Show form confirmation dialogue’ and you’re good to go. 

Give that a try and let me know if you run into any issues. :) 


Justin, I followed the steps you have in your writeup, and I have almost got it, but I am having one problem. After the lightbox form appears and is submitted, it loads the next page (confirmation page) inside the lightbox. In your demo one, you sent people from the popup form to the google home page. What’s the trick with getting that step figured out? Here is a sample of my page so you can see what I am talking about: 


Hi Jonathan!
It looks like there might have been a bit of confusion when setting this up, as you were calling in a different published page all together. Admittedly, the instructions here weren’t super clear, so we’re going to re-do this tutorial to make it a bit more straightforward. 

In the meantime, I’ve gone into your account and got this up and running for you on a different variant. Take a look here and let me know if you have any questions: