Facebook Pixel won't load



I’ve just set up a site for my client and need to install the new Facebook Pixel on there. I’ve the javascript code but the Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension is telling me that the pixel isn’t loading. 

I am only trying to track website visitors for custom audience purposes.  



This has happened to a few folks recently. If you could post the link to the landing page that will allow us to help you better.

Are you doing it at the page level or at the account level? Sometimes if you add a domain and then don’t go back in and check the domain for each script it won’t load.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply. 

Interesting, it’s a bit peculiar. The page is currently hosted on an unbounce domain, I don’t want to move it over to the custom domain until it’s fully functional: http://unbouncepages.com/jennifer-hamley-home-page/ [perhaps that’s the problem?]

I’m installing the code at page level as I’ve read that there has been issues in the past with script manager. 




I was going to say, I just loaded it up and everything was working fine. That often happens with different chrome extensions. 

Glad it was an easy fix!



Thanks for sharing your findings, Bradley! I’ll mark this as [Official] so others can find it as well. 




I found the solution to my problem, just wanted to share in case anyone looks in the future.

I noticed with the Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension that the pixel wasn’t firing to Facebook but after sharing the site with others, I noticed that the pixel was being fired within Facebook’s ad manager.

I had a hunch that it’s one of my other extensions that’s preventing the pixel from loading, so it enabled the Facebook Pixel Helper extension in incognito, check the page and voila! It loads perfectly! 

I’m not sure which extension is causing the issue, but this is a simple workaround for now. Just make sure that’s the ONLY extension running in incognito. 



Very Very Very helpful
Thank you sooo much Bradley


Thought I’d add this for those who haven’t tried yet - my reason the script wouldn’t load was because of an Ad Blocker.

From what I read online, it prevents the scripts from loading! I’m not sure if other extensions could throw you off either, but the Ad Blocker was definitely the culprit for me.


Thank you SO MUCH !
I remove Ad Blocker, and my facebook pixel is ok !