Facebook Pixel Warning Issue


I am having issue with pixel code. It’s currently showing error as it says:
We detected event code but the pixel has not activated for this event, so no information was sent to Facebook. This could be due to an error in the code, but could also occur if the pixel fires on a dynamic event such as a button click.Learn more

Can anyone suggest me how to fix this issue.



Hi @vishnu1989 I’m glad to try and help you!

A few questions:

  1. Where have you installed your Base Pixel (the main page or the confirmation dialog box or both)?

  2. Where have you installed the Lead Pixel and can you copy paste here what script you used for it?

  3. Did you add any other pixel code or have you modified the pixel codes provided by Facebook?



Hello Jonathan, thanks for your time.

  1. I have installed the pixel code through the google tag manager. and its on all the pages of the website.
  2. Lead pixel code:

its installed on the some landing page only. that are being used for lead generation.
3. No, I am using just one pixel code and I did modified a bit, I removed the last part of the pixel that is:

Here is important thing that this error is showing only on my system and if I am changing the ISP there is no error.
I have reinstalled the browser and checked in other browsers but same issue.
website is: https://www.guruq.in
If you check on your system there might be no error on your browser. So I didn’t get that why this showing only on my IP address.

Even facebook support team saying that we are not seeing any error.

Here is another error that I am getting on pixel diagnostic tool:
" There are issues with your Facebook pixel setup. Schedule a call with a Facebook Marketing Expert for free one-to-one guidance to help you fix it."

Hope some one has answer for that, because I didn’t get it at all that what went wrong out of sudden.



That is indeed very odd. Your pixel seems to be triggering fine on my end too!

Is it possible you are running any ad blockers or IP changers?



No, I am not using any ad blocker or IP change software. All were fine 2 days ago. It just happens out of sudden.



Hello all, Can anyone give a suggestion here.



Sorry for the late reply. That is indeed extremely odd. It’s very difficult for me to find the issue when I cannot reproduce it on my end. When you go into your Pixel or your Analytics in Facebook, is it triggering events?



Thanks Jonathan,

All the things seems working fine except it showing error on my system. It is very odd for me too. Because all seems working fine till February 02. Hope Facebook support team have something to say on this.

Thank you for your time.



Hey there Vishnu,

I have an AD blicker installed on my browser and it wasn’t working initially for me, but when I disabled it, it was working fine: https://screencast.com/t/mGmnvQbd.

I would suggest you try it on Incognito mode, trying on another WiFi network and lastly try it on another computer with a different WiFi network.



Hello David, Thanks. But I already mentioned that it is working on another network but not on my system or my colleague system on the same network.

If you will check the website the it will everything okay. Didn’t able to understand why this is happening. For your information I haven’t installed any ad blocker on my system.



Thank you guys for your time. After changing the IP address issue has been resolved. Don’t know what was wrong earlier.

Thanks Anyway!