Facebook OG tags


Is there a way to get Facebook Open Graph meta tags into the page head? I added them as a “script” but they’re not showing up in the page source.


Actually, as luck has it, we’re releasing a small tweak to how we handle the script insertions later today that *will* let you do this.

The only thing you won’t be able to do at the moment is add the namespace attributes to the element. That said, I just published a test page with our update in place, and used the Facebook URL Linter tool to check it:


It picked up the meta info without the namespace declarations just fine.

Anyway, should have this out in a couple hours or so, will try and remember to update this page when it goes out!


Hey there, so, we just deployed that update, and you should now be able to insert tags…


Haha - wow, that is great timing. Here’s what I’ve got in the script inserter, but the OG tags are not showing up in the page source: http://screencast.com/t/dSesBYIcgU Any tips for a not-so-technical person?


That looks right. The meta tags are inserted right before the closing . I just published a test page and had them show up just fine. Can you try re-publishing the page, and check again?


That’s great Carl!


Hi there, is there a way to add open-graph meta to Facebook Tags section? I don’t like the photo that’s being showed on facebook when I share/like my landing page.


Hi Lilly, 

You can definitely specify your Open Graph Meta Tags and choose your own custom image for social shares. Check out this how-to article below, and be sure to call us if you run into any questions 1.888.515.9161 (Mon-Fri, 9pm - 5pm PST). 



This seems to be a popular ask, so we’ve created an easy guide which you can find here: