Facebook flagging My Unbounce Page as Spam



I’m running a Facebook ad Campaign and using an Unbounce page to showcase my product. However, whenever you click on the link to our Unbounce page, Facebook keeps showing an error message saying that tour Unbounce page may be spam.

I’ve tried to turn around this issue in getting another domain name but the problem is still the same.

I’ve seen in a previous post that this kind of problem has already been fixed by your team: https://community.unbounce.com/unbounce/topics/facebook_reading_my_unbounce_page_as_spam

So I would appreciate to get any support to solve this issue as… it’s quite urgent!!



Curious about a response to this also.


Hi Luc - Facebook will try to read your page content and then sometimes categorize the page as spam based on the content it sees.

One thing you can do to help this is to set Open Graph (OG) tags on your page. Once you’ve added OG tags to your page, you’re explicitly telling Facebook about what your content is like, rather than relying on just their crawler, which should definitely help if your page has been flagged for some reason. We’ve got a quick how-to about adding OG tags to your Unbounce page here.

If you are running Facebook (or any other paid ads), you’ll also want to make sure you’re using a custom domain. Since unbouncepages.com is a test domain that we let any Unbounce account use, the content that’s on it varies wildly, which could also result in unpredictable results from Facebook ads and other targeted traffic sources you’re setting up.

If you add your OG tags and your page is on a custom domain and you’re still seeing issues, please shoot us an email at support@unbounce.com and we’ll do some more digging in for you.