Facebook Domain Verification

I’m trying to validate my Unbounce domain within Facebook given the new iOS14 requirements. I’m using the meta-tag verification method but its not able to find the meta tag I’ve included in my unbounce domain. Has anyone gone through this successfully?

You should be able to use the meta-tag option in your Unbounce page. Install it in the using the custom JavaScript option: https://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/203879070-Using-Custom-JavaScript-and-CSS-on-Your-Landing-Page

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@Christian_Wenzel we tried this as well and it wasn’t successful. Uploaded it as a script in script manager across all pages and still getting the same error as previous poster above.

Hi @spencer - I should have asked - is Unbounce installed on your main domain or a sub-domain? If it’s on a subdomain that you’re only using for landing pages, you’d have to create a “root” page because Facebook will only crawl that page when verifying the domain.

I was able to confirm that when I placed meta tag in Script Manager I was able to see it in the source code - so it should work if you’re pointing Facebook at the correct page.

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@Christian_Wenzel I’m trying to verify a subdomain on Unbounce. Can you describe how to create a “root” page? Is this done in Unbounce?

My understanding of the Facebook domain verification process is that the easiest way to do it is with a TXT record being added to your DNS manager. Then this would cover the root domain (example.com) and all subdomains (subdomain.example.com) by default. If done this way, no changes within Unbounce are needed, since it’s all taken care of at the DNS level.

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Just create a new page and click on the “Change URL” button. Delete everything in the text box.

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This is the route we ended up taking and you are 100% correct @Nicholas! If I had really delved into Facebooks Developer support here, I would’ve found that:

[Do I need to verify subdomains in addition to the top level domain?]

No, domain verification status is inherited by subdomains. For example, verifying “domain.com” will also verify “m.domain.com”. You will need to complete a separate verification process for different top level domains. For example, verifying “domain.com” will not also verify “domain.com.tr”.

Hope this helps others!

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it’s not working. We tried both ways: adding txt at dns level (main domain) and directly to the subdomain, still getting error when I try to verify. This is frustrating and we have no support from Unbounce

Thank you for sharing your tips on this. Following your directions worked for me.