Facebook conversion tracking with form


Is there a way to add a facebook pixel in order to optimise an ad for a form completion eg. I want to optimise facebook ads based on a person providing their email address via a form?


Hi Jude - You can add the Facebook Conversion Tracking pixel to any Unbounce page via the custom Javascript panel. Whether it’s the built in the form confirmation dialog or a separate, standalone thank-you page, you’ll just need to add your script, choosing “head” as the placement.


Hi again, Jude - I should also have mentioned, if you do want to place that Facebook Conversion Pixel on all of your confirmation pages, you can do that with the new Script Manager feature that we released last month. Script manager will let you add that Pixel (or any other scripts) to entire domains on either your main page, your conformation pages, or both.


Re your first answer … if you add the script to the page with the form, the pixel will fire when the page loads rather than when the person inputs information in the form won’t it?

How do I ensure the pixel fires when the person adds their email address (that’s what I’m capturing), rather than simply landing on the page?


Hi Jude - sorry if my initial reply was unclear. Your page has two components–the main page with your form and also a form confirmation dialog that gets served up in a lightbox when someone actually completes the form.

You’ll want to put your Facebook conversion pixel on the form confirmation dialog page. Then when someone fills the form out and that confirmation is served, it will trigger the conversion pixel.

Here’s a quick video showing what I mean.


If we are redirecting to a different page/url is it still possible to track conversions with the facebook pixel?


Does anyone know, how to set up the custom conversion within Facebook, when using an Unbounce Form Confirmation Dialog? I would like to set up a custom conversion with a rule. Facebook states “Define a conversion from a combination of events and parameters or traffic from specific URLs”. What would be the URL for this? 


Hi Sšren,

If you are looking for your Form Confirmation Dialog URLs, they follow a pattern like:

/landing_page_url/ a -form_confirmation.html
/landing_page_url/ b -form_confirmation.html
/landing_page_url/ c -form_confirmation.html