Facebook conversion pixel overcounting on Unbounce page



As per several discussions I’ve seen in the unbounce help communities, I’ve placed by facebook conversion tracking pixel in the ‘javascript’ on the form page but my conversions are being overcounted on Facebook. 

There is a massive difference between the conversions tracked from Unbounce and from Facebook and I would like to correct that. 

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Do i just need to place the pixel on the ‘Thank you’ page and not on the form page? Please help. 


Hi Rooshabh - Any form fill will be marked as a conversion goal by default, which means the Unbounce conversion will fire only when someone successfully submits the form.

If you want your Facebook conversion to match, you’re correct that you’ll want to just place the pixel on the thank you page and not on the actual main form page. If it’s on the main form page, the pixel will fire anytime someone visits the page, so that would explain why you’re getting so many extra conversions counted in Facebook.