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Can you aggregate a Facebook connect button using customized HTML on UnBounche landing pages?

I am trying different landing page for http://www.dameunaventon.com.mx/ but i need to understand if i can still activate users using my existing facebook connect (the only way to register on this website) and UnBounce

Thank you


Hey Fabien - just so I understand, are you thinking that rather than have your visitors submit a regular form, you’d like them to be able to login using their Facebook profiles instead?


Hi Ryan

Yes precisely is this duable?
Here is the look of my facebook connect; http://www.dameunaventon.com.mx/



how to connect my fb :confused:


do you know how I can get my facebook button(on my landing page) get working? my landing page is http://www.onesourcesales.ca/


Hey Fabien - sorry for the insane delay on my reply. I somehow missed your comment.

Anyhow, unfortunately no, it’s not doable. We have been chatting with another company, https://www.loginradius.com/ that has a potential solution. I might recommend you connect with them to see if they have a you can do this today.



Did this ever get implemented? Looking to do this as well by offering them Facebook, Twitter, Instagram login buttons