Facebook Button Click Conversions


Hello Unbounce Forum!

I have set up a landing page (http://shop.americanfreight.us/columbus/) that I am looking to track phone and direction link clicks.

I used this helpful link to set up dynamic event conversions - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-pixel/api-reference?dynamicevents%2F%3Fref=u2u

Here is the code that I set up:

  1. Added facebook pixel to page
  2. Added 2 javascripts to page - Conversion (directions) + Conversion (phone)
  3. Added ID tags to all links

Ex. Go to link, click on lightbox button (Call a Store)

QUESTION: I thought I set this up correctly but if you use the Facebook pixel helper, it has the two conversion in red, meaning it is not tracking. ANY HELP??