Facebook app - Unbounce for custom page tabs


This is something achieved well by guys such as Woobox http://www.woobox.com.

So they allow for the advanced creation and editing of custom html/xfbml landing pages essentially.

Furthermore there is lots of cool stuff you can do to manipulate the users who visit these pages, i.e. “Show a non-like fan this page, show a like fan this page” and loads more.

So my question is, would Unbounce consider applying their logic to Facebook tabs? as a standalone app?

Not sure if theres a way you could use an embed code generated from the unbounce platform to stick that in your custom tab - to work it via iframe or similar?

Would be great to split test, and get actionable reports on those custom tab landing pages.

Kinda follows on from questions someone mentioned elsewhere about using pages created in Unbounce outside of Unbounce… it would all help to make it the holy grail of the “platform” at the end of the day… true platforms solve problems and build others’ businesses :slight_smile:



I’d also like to see this idea created, it would be great for an upcoming project.


I’m all for this! Would be great if Unbounce would integrate with facebook in a way that allows us to pass landing pages over to facebook tabs. I’d like to know if/when this will be put into place.


Hey everyone, thanks for your comments here - it’s been a while in the making but we now have SSL on all Unbounce Pro plans which means users can create custom Facebook tabs. For more info please feel free to check out our article! https://community.unbounce.com/unbounce/topics/master-your-brand-s-first-impression-with-facebook-ta…