Facebook Ads UTM Source passing through Unbounce THEN to Hubspot

Hi All,

I am having trouble passing along the UTM source from our Facebook Ads through an Unbounce form, through to our Hubspot CRM integration.

All facebook ads are linking to our Unbounce landing page using UTM parameters
I have a hidden form field on our Unbounce landing page set to “utm_source”
The only source information Hubspot receives is the title of my landing page

What am I missing here?

Thank you so much!

Hi Stacia,

Are yo using the built-in HubSpot integration within Unbounce or another means of connecting Unbounce to HubSpot?

And if so, are you sure all of the form fields are properly “mapped” over to your HubSpot fields, using the Integrations tab in Unbounce? See here: https://www.hubspot.com/hubfs/Screen%20Shot%202017-09-12%20at%205.43.29%20PM.png

Lastly, is your form on the first page, or are you sending people through to multiple Unbounce pages? Because if you’re sending them from one page to another, you’ll need to ensure that your UTM parameters are being passed from page to page.

Hope this helps troubleshoot!

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Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply! We are using the built-in Hubspot integration. I have another team member doing the mapping so I will check with them. I assume they would need to map the hidden form field for data to pull through?

Lastly, our form is on the first page then upon form submission, redirects to a file hosted natively on our own website.

In essence, you’re saying this should work, correct? If so, then it has to be the Hubspot integration.

Thank you!

Just an update here, the utm_source is mapped properly with Hubspot but we are seeing no data passed along unfortunately. At quite a standstill…

Hi there!

Would you mine sharing your Facebook tracking template?

We use these pretty often and we rarely run into issues, so there might be something missing here.

When you view your leads in Unbounce, do you see the hidden field populating?