External tracking on click via GTM


Hi all!

On my landing page I use an external form, Formstack and I want to track the form submission click. (Not the thank you page since this landing page is part of a funnel)

Is it possible to set Unbounce external goal tracking via GTM and fire it where there is a click on an external form submit button?

Thank you,


Hey Kenji,

you probably found your answer as you wrote some time ago, but I anyways came across the article and I thought it might be helpful for others. I did the same just a few days ago with a form from cleverreach.

I found this German article which was quite good. It has some English pictures, so you still might be able to work with it. As the data layer variable I am using the form url.

I hope it’ll help someone.


Great find @Florian thanks for sharing that here!