External Tracking not working - Shopify Ecommerce Integration


Why is my external conversion tracking not working?

I’m running an ecommerce site (not a lead capture site) and I have put the Unbounce code on my checkout page, but sales conversions are not tracking. The unbounce page is on gifts.mysite.com/welcome and I’m using Shopify (so the checkout process transfers people to shopify). I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

Can someone help? Is there a work-around that I can use?


Hey Anna!

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with our External Conversion tracking script. I visited your page “gifts.mysite.com/welcome” in the hopes I could test it, but the URL is giving me a 404 error.

I’ve opened up a support ticket for you as I’ll need to dig in further before we can troubleshoot this. Check your email Anna - I have a few questions for you!


For any curious cats out there, the problem stemmed from how the custom domain was being used.

Our External Conversion Tracking script only works for pages with the same domain - this is because we use cookies to track unique visitors and conversions. For example, if you had a landing page at webinar.unbounce.com and it re-directed to a thank you page at www.unbounce.com, or try.unbounce.com/thank-you it would be a-ok.

However, because the thank you page was on a completely different domain: “https://checkout.shopify.com” we’re unable to keep track of the Unbounce cookie which fires a conversion goal. Hope that helps our community :slight_smile:


Hi Lou

Is it possible that your engineers come up with a workaround for the cross-domain cookie problem?
I am not an expert on that topic but I think there might be an easy way to achieve this: Like involving an iframe that gets the cookie or so…



Actually there is a quite a simple way to facilitate cross domain cookies using CORS… I’m assuming Unbounce doesn’t support this yet but it’s certainly an option for giving access to cross domain cookies. Expanding on Unbounces functionality by adding the ability to configure which domains could authenticate themselves using CORS would give a lot of flexibility. 

Read more here: http://enable-cors.org/index.html

Putting it in place is fairly easy however as usual with these things there are hoops to jump through to ensure cross browser compatibility and making sure to keep a tight rein on security. 

Could be done if it was useful enough to a wide enough group of Unbounce users.


That would enable me to link phone calls to page variants (via our call tracking software) .
That’d be huge for us!


I found a solution that works for my case (server side conversion tracking)

What I do is

  1. on the unbounce page I extract all the parameters needed to construct the url of the  tracking endpoint
  2. I hand over this url with a hidden field
  3. I then later issue a GET request to that URL (anytime, anywhere) to track a conversion
    See this gist: https://gist.github.com/dommmel/448b91838f501d306deb

Hope that helps someone 


I just realised that this might be the wrong thread for this solution, since it won’t work with shopify. Afaik there is no way to access any custom parameter within the shopify checkout process. Sorry for that.


This is an interesting solution, Dominik. Have you found this to be a reliable method for tracking so far?