External conversion tracking for Shopify Cart/Purchase page

I’ve built a page on Unbounce that has the Shopify buy button.

Since I’m using the Shopify buy button (not unbounce), I have to use external conversion tracking.
How do I install this pixel on Shopify? I am open to installing the pixel on the cart page or on the purchase page.

I’ve made a quick 1 min video that explains it in more detail:


I’m going to tag @Stefano and @Jonathan here, they’re experts in this area :ok_hand:

Hi Vince! I can absolutely help. So when you say track, are you referring to Unbounce’s conversion tracking for AB testing? Or are you referring to a Google Tag and/or Facebook Pixel? If it’s the latter, you can do so with Google Tag Manager. To be specific, you can track/attribute someone clicking on the button (even though it’s an HTML block). The cart rolling over sadly cannot be tracked, but it’s kinda the same as the previous trigger I described. Finally you can absolutely track the checkout page as well as the purchase. Feel free to email me if you need some help: jonathan@webistry.com

Here’s some info about GTM:

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I am referring to Unbounce conversion tracking.
Yes, I’d love to track the checkout page as well as the purchase with Unbounce conversion tracking.
Contacting you now.

Hi back! If I’m not mistaken, in order to install Unbounce’s external tracking script for something like Checkout or Purchase in Shopify, you’d need to have an Enterprise account on Shopify (that’s the only time they give you access to their liquid for these pages). Otherwise, you’re unable to edit the liquid for these steps in the customer journey.

Is there any sort of workaround to get some tracking for Unbounce AB testing back from the Shopify cart? Perhaps a dummy button or something on the Unbounce page? I would even be happy to just see which variant was most successful at sending to the shopify cart, nevermind making an actual purchase.

Hi @Shannon_Galway! You can absolutely do that. Simply have your CTA buttons in your Unbounce page redirect to a unique checkout URL in Shopify. You’d be able to AB test your click-throughs.

Let me know if you need help!