Extended Page Load Time for Mobile Responsive Pages


Hello, do you notice an increase in page load time for users that have been using the mobile responsive versions? If so, how long is the average delay compared to non-responsive pages? Also, do you have any tips for decreasing page load time for mobile responsive landing pages? Lastly, if there are any issues, is your team working to increase load speed in any way?


Hey Anthony

Our responsive feature was built with page performance in mind. We try to avoid an increase in load time by not rendering elements that are not visible in that breakpoint. For example if you have a different image on your desktop page than on your mobile, then we will not serve up the desktop image on unless they are within that desktop breakpoint. 

You shouldn’t see a drastic difference in load times between responsive pages and non responsive pages, unless your responsive page has a significant number of elements that are unique to each layout.

In most cases the elements are similar between layouts with the only difference being the content on the mobile side is cut down and hidden to provide a better mobile experience. You shouldn’t see a noticable increase in load times here as the majority of the code that is being added is CSS that determines the appearance and positioning of the elements on mobile.

In general it’s much more optimal to have a responsive page rather than separating the pages into two different pages altogether. If anything that’s a less optimal setup for load times.

We are always looking to improve our pages performance and load times, and there are bound to be improvements as we progress through the year.

Are you seeing a decrease in page performance yourself? If so we could take a look at any possible factors in play here. Shoot as a email at support@unbounce.com with your landing page.