Exporting pages or groups of pages to additional Unbounce accounts


I manage unbounce pages for quite a few different companies, some larger than others. The larger ones want their own account whilst the smaller ones are happy with me managing it directly. Some of the small ones will transition to their own accounts also - the problem is the amount of work to port some of the pages to a new account. Would love an import/export feature to transfer to a different unbounce account.


Hey Matalin,
Just wanted to update you - we’re in the middle of developing multi-user and multi-client (agency) features which will allow a couple of things you’ve touched on:

a) As a single user (i.e. you only need to log in once), you’ll be able to work on pages in multiple accounts. This is a couple of days away from being in beta, let me know if you’d like to be a part of the beta group to test it out.

b) Moving pages between clients/accounts is also on the roadmap for the next month or so. The beta group will also have early access to that feature.



Hi Carter,

I would like to be part of the beta group for both multi-user and multi-client (agency) features as well as moving pages between clients/accounts - please let me know how to proceed to get on this list and if you have any updates on timelines for this.

Thank You



Me too
Thank You


Hey guys, please email us at support@unbounce.com and make sure to include the email address for your primary unbounce account. We’ll get you added to the group that way.



I received this response from support@unbounce:

Unfortunately at this time the option to join our beta group for testing the multi-user accounts has closed and the beta testing is now in progress. However, once the beta testing is complete, this feature as well as other agency features will be released into the main system later on this summer.


Ooops sorry about that, miscommunication on our part. I’ll follow up with you in that original support ticket you submitted.

We have actually cut off the beta group from growing any larger though, with the exception of you two :slight_smile:


Hi Carter,

Thanks for your help! That is great news.


Hi Carter,

I also work as a consultant and am interested in

  1. managing multiple accounts
  2. transfering pages to another account.

Any news on the beta group?

When will these features be accessible?




Hey there, our beta group is now closed, but we are looking to push out the ability to manage multiple accounts in about a month. Hold tight and watch for some big updates from us!


Hi Carter & The Unbounce Dev Team!

I also work as a consultant and am interested in

  1. managing multiple accounts
  2. transfering/exporting pages/groups to another account.

Is the big update far away… or is this features updated allready??




Hey Benny, not sure how we missed updating this thread, but yes, most of these features are now live! You are now able to manage multiple sub-accounts, invite users to collaborate as an “author” or “viewer” and move pages between sub-accounts (or entire domains and their associated pages). Let me know if there is anything that you’re unable to do.



Hey Carter, that sounds great! So how do we do to move/export a group of pages from our account to our client’s account? Can we this from a free subscription plan to client with a payed subscription plan?


Yes you can move pages from any plan as long as you have access to the sub-account that you want to move pages to. You’ll need your client to invite you as an “author” to their main sub-account. At this point, you have two options:

  1. The only way (currently) to move a group of pages and have them remain published and maintain their stats history, is to move the entire domain. To do this, go to your “Domains” tab, and select the cog menu for the domain that you want to move. There should be a “Move to another sub-account” option (this is only available if you belong to more than one sub-account). Select this option and choose your client’s sub-account from the list.

  2. You can also move pages individually by going to the “Pages” tab, and selecting the gear menu for a specific page. You’ll see the same option in there as above (“Move to another sub-account”), but this time you’re only moving the page. Since the domain can’t come with it, the page will be assigned a new URL and will be unpublished when it arrives in the new sub-account. It will also lose any stats that it has accumulated.

Hope one of those two options will work for you benny!