[Expert Chats] What is your take on sitelinks in Adwords?


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In this chat…

Rolf-Inge Holden (Finge) // Founder @ ConversionLab

Andrew Miller // Co-Founder @ Workshop Digital

Stefano Apostolakos // Partner @ Webistry

Joe Savitch // SEM + Inbound @ Altos

#### @Finge
Hey guys. What is your take on sitelinks in Adwords?

#### @Andrew

Sadly, I was awake at 4:30 taking the dog out. Sitelinks can help improve Quality Score if they improve the overall CTR of your ads (they usually do).

However, if your traffic is going to a landing page, sitelinks will send a small % of your traffic to interior pages and your landing page won’t have a chance to do its job.

In the past, we have built other LPs to replicate those interior pages with About Us, FAQ, Locations/Hours, or other content that helps build trust but doesn’t jeopardize the visitors’ ability to convert.


sitelinks… as a rule or as it relates to using them with dedicated LP’s only?


+1 for @andrewmiller’s answer. We use it because it takes up a f-load of real-estate on the results and many advertisers fail to properly use ad extensions, so gives us a little edge. We’ll send them to sections of the landing page using url.com/#xyz

but… i dont always know how I feel about them landing on the team or testimonial sections first…

#### @Finge
Thanks! This is more or less my take to. By adding 4 sitelinks to some “random" page on a website we get a 1/5 attention ratio

So I am very ambivalent


yeah ill never send them to another page
ill send them to a section on the LP
Which is not optimal for every campaign

#### @Finge
Although it might increase the quality score a tad I think it will lower the overall effect. Unless you create tailored conversion centered pages for each of the sitelinks.


yeah exactly
make sure to use other ad extensions though, if they are relevant…
review, snippets, price, callouts, etc.

#### @Finge

I keep getting surprised that some PPC agencies insist on having the sitelinks with no thought as to where they point them


hahaha yeah
it’s just a tool Google wants you to use so ads get more clicks $$$
not everything Google gives us makes sense

#### @Finge



thats why I like call outs… no link just more text. I also love structured snippets… I use site links on LP’s still sending traffic to the top of the page but maybe use DKI to change the headline. Haven’t tried sending to sections… but I will now!

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You can just put the landing page URL as the destination for every site link. So no need to send the traffic to other pages, or even to a section.


Hey Daniel, yes I agree!

I guess it really depends on the content of the sitelink and what the user expects to see when they click on it.

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