Experience with a investors as a target audience?


I’m looking for any ideas to get a higher conversion on my target audience. It’s a wealthier audience who are triggered with an ad for real estate investments. Specifically “green” housing projects with solar panels and other green solutions.
My experience tells me that they are older than average and less easily swayed with a simple carrot in front of their nose.
Also i’m looking to send them a brochure by snail mail (i know… right :slight_smile: So the form will have them enter their physical home/work address.
A downloadable brochure will be available but the home address is preferred. Also looking for ideas on getting lead information with the download other than the email address.


New Unbouncer


Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the world of Unbounce. It sounds like you’re on the right track by deeply thinking about the audience first. Once you have your audience figured out in detail, it really comes down to perfecting your offer. Do you have one specific offer you’re looking to test, or multiple? For instance, what does the brochure talk about?

As for gathering a street address, you might also want to consider just gather an email address upon first inquiry and then using an automated email sequence to gather additional data down the road such as street address and phone number. You could perhaps run a survey and drive your existing leads to it via email.

However, if a street address is essential upon the initial lead submission stage, consider giving away something with a little more value than a brochure. Maybe a paperback book? I don’t know what your lead costs are or your acceptable margin, but for a free book on investing, your audience probably wouldn’t mind giving up their street address.