Expandable content/answers needed for FAQ section on landing page


I’m looking for a way to have expandable content for an FAQ section on my landing page. Like when you click on a question, the answer expands below it. Much like using this code: http://jasalguero.com/ledld/developme…

I tried implementing this myself, but didn’t seem to work well using a text box (couldn’t resize the width or control the output very well).

Can someone please help with doing this using Unbounce? I know you can do this on other landing page creators like OptimizePress.



Rich, I’m actually looking to do the exact same thing. A toggle feature would be a great addition to the unbounce tool box. Example: http://www.madeincima.it/download/samples/jquery/faqs/

Since most landing pages have questions that need answered, this would be an ideal feature. It’s a great way to prevent walls of text that usually tend to kill conversion rates.


Hey guys, I’m looking for the same resource. How did you guys resolved this issue? 


Not possible mainly because unbounce pages have a fixed page height, which would mean drop-down FAQS would need to be on an already-long page or the content would just flow off the page.

this trick worked, but broke smooth scrolling.


Hi Jeff! 
Would you mind sharing a link to your LP, or a copy of your page? Would love to check this out.