Existing landing page look-a-like


Hi Guys

My name is Colton, the Digital marketing manager at i-intro

I am very new to the world of unbouce, we are going to use this as we saw it as a great opportunity to customize landing pages quickly, as part of segmenting our marketing plan, to ensure prospects can get different messages, depending on the type of prospect they are.

Going into the industry we work in, isn’t important, but there is something you can help me with…

We have a worldpress landing page - http://i-intro.net/bookademo/

I’d love to keep the theme of this landing page, although I am told that we cannot ‘import’ the theme to unbounce (Thats a shame) so what are my options here?

Also, we use infusionsoft as our bible, I see that we can link to infusionsoft, but how effective is this, what can this intergration do for us?

All help is greatly appriciated


Colton (Unbounce novice)



First, welcome! This is a great place to ask those kinds of questions and get help from others.

I took a look at your landing page and it won’t be hard to re-create in Unboucne at all. Once you are familiar with the system you’ll be able to build that page in under an hour. Unfortunately, at this time there are no scripts or tools to convert a page from HTML to Unbounce. 

We do not use infusionsoft so I really can’t speak to the full nature of that integration. But from what I have seen/heard from others the integration works very well. You have a lot of field mapping options.

If your plan is to use Unboucne to deliver different types of messages you are spot on. The Dynamic-Text-Replacement (DTR) and ability to a/b test pages quickly is one of the core bits of functionality. 

Once you get started you’ll be hooked… trust me!



We use Unbounce + Infusionsoft + Wordpress, and everything works great.

Here’s the Infusionsoft setup article http://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/204170890-Adding-Infusionsoft

Your website is nice, and should be pretty easy to replicate the style in Unbounce. If you’re not a coder and can’t find some of the styles or textures native in Unbounce, get your developer to write some custom CSS.

Unbounce is extremely flexible with custom code, Javascript etc.

There’s also a WP plugin, but I haven’t used it https://wordpress.org/plugins/unbounce/screenshots/

Ditto on Joe’s comment “Once you get started you’ll be hooked… trust me!”

Good luck, and have fun!


Hi Colton, welcome! You’re going to love it here, as there are a ton of helpful folks and resources. And to echo everyone else, that page you have can easily be built in Unbounce without a hitch. You can even mimic the “smooth scrolling” functionality on the first yellow call to action with a CSS magic that you can find here.

Let us know if you have any questions about the builder.


Thanks for your help everyone, this looks like a comminuty that likes to help, I’m sure I will increase my knowledge and help others in the future

I’ll take a look at building the page myself from scratch to get the experience

Kind regards!