Even more mobile responsive?


Hey the mobile responsive beta is great very helpful, but i was wondering how to you get everything on your lander to auto resize. example i make the lander for 320 x 480 size, i make it so you can see everything right when you get to the page, no scrolling whatso ever, on those size phones, but once you look at the site on a 360x640 size phone, everything stays the same no change at all, so i basically it shows all i just did, and all the extra space is just filled with the background color, i dont want that, its a waste of space, im wondering if theres somthing i can do where both my images, text, and buttons all can get automatically sized to fit right on everyones screen when its in potrait or landscape. so theres no empty space,(with just the background) and no having to scroll.


Also to correctly address retina displays and tablets is paramount. Need to upload big pictures that gets served correctly all over the spectrum of devices.


Hey guys,
I wrote a blog post a while ago that addresses the idea of “fluid” responsive design and why we’ve opted to not build our mobile responsive pages this way. Give it a read over here: http://inside.unbounce.com/product-de…

As for retina images: this is definitely on our list! We’ve decided to first focus on page layouts and getting that out the door, at which point we’ll start optimizing other aspects, images included. The way we’ve built Mobile Responsive today though, if you resize or crop an image for your mobile version, we won’t make Mobile visitors download the desktop image, they will only get the mobile version. This will help keep page speeds up. We’ve got more optimizations planned though.



Carter - Thanks for the update and for the original post on Unbounce’s efforts. I think the “break point” approach will be fine and I like the ability to edit and tune mobile and standard separately.
Unfortunate that Google took away the mobile-only option in AdWords, but in a way it may be good medicine, because in actual use people are crossing over devices so much.
I like the mobile editing modes you’ve shown so far as well.


Thanks Fred, I’m glad my post helped clarify our approach so far. We are always aiming to improve so let us know if you run into any A/B test results or campaigns where our solution doesn’t get you what you need.