Error on form validation with required fields



I have a problem with form validation on my landing page

For some reason the system registers errors on form validation even though the fields have been filled out. As you can see on the screenshot, I get both a confirmation meesage that I’ve filled it out successfully and an error message on all other required fields than the email address… 

Can you explain how I can get around this?


Hi Niels, 

I just tried your page/form and I didn’t get the form validation error. 

Have you tried clearing up the cache of your browser?


P.S. I’m on a Mac OS X with the latest version of Chrome. 


Hi Hristian

Tried it from 3 different browsers and I still get the error… 


I just took a look at your form’s code and it looks a bit off.

Have you tried deleting the form and rebuilding it again? It would take you 2min to do it and might solve the issue.

Otherwise, you might want to reach out to Unbounce support directly.


Good call, Hristian! 

Tried it on my end and everything looks fine, but perhaps there’s some weird publishing error going on that we’re not seeing. If you haven’t tried deleting your form and recreating it, I’d try that. In the meantime I’m also going to open a support ticket to see if we can dig in on the back end. 

Hang tight!