Error message when trying to add custom domain


I’m no expert when it comes to domains or root and sub ditto. When I attempt to add our newly purchased sole purpose domain named something like ‘’ I get the error message ‘invalid domain’. I’ve read earlier threads about putting unbounce in root of custom domain, and don’t see the particular reason in those discussions, why this name doesn’t compute. 

Can you help?


Hi Sandra, 

I would suggest reaching out to the awesome Unbounce customer support directly at: 1.888.515.9161 or

Although, the customer support does respond to questions here, it might be quicker to contact them directly. 

They are the only ones that can take a look at your account and figure out why your new domain is causing issues. 



Hi Sandra!

Hristian is right (again), as much as we love interacting here, you’re going to get the quickest results with a question of this nature from our Support team. They’re experts with domain related queries, and they’ll have more tools to investigate this situation. 

But do be encouraged to share your findings here :slight_smile:



Thank you to both of you for sending me in a more productive direction. I was in contact with support though I ended up solving the issue myself. It seems adding a ‘naked’ domain isn’t straight forward, so I just added the www domain and worked with that.