Embeded form confidence


If we embed a form onto a page can we still calculate the confidence level?


Hi Roger! 

Would you be able to give a little more detail here? Would love to understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you embedding a third party form on your Unbounce page? If so, what are the reasons for doing so? Try to give as many details as possible so we can have a discussion about it. 



Hi Justin,

We would like to embed a HubSpot form onto the Unbounce page for the following reasons:

  1. Automatically updating form fields across multiple pages would be seamless.
  2. Automatically assigning lead source and using work flow rules would be much easier than passing the data from Unbounce forms to HubSpot then into salesforce.
  3. Assigning Salesforce campaigns straight out of a HubSpot form is very simple and would improve our campaign tracking capabilities.
  4. Progressive profilling. If we have given someone our white paper via HubSpot it would be great if they found an Unbounce page to prefill the details that we have for them.
    I hope that was helpful for you, would love to know if it’s possible to still calculate the confidence level of a page with embedded forms. I read through the conversations from “Recognize an embedded Wufoo form as a conversion” but I wasn’t certain it gave me the answer I was looking for (good or bad).


Hoping someone can update me on this :-/ 


Hi Roger, 
You can definitely still track the confidence rating, but you’ll need to embed the external conversion tracking script on the thank you page (form confirmation page) that you’re using with the hubspot form. This is the only other way we can mark a ‘conversion’ in Unbounce, since you’re not using our built in form. 

Hope that answers your question, Roger! :)