Embedding unbounce


I’ve been a squarespace user for awhile now. I really like the service, but there’s no real way that Unbounce.com plays nicely with them. I emailed SquareSpace about integrations, and they suggested I figure out if it’s possible to embed an unbounce page onto a SquareSpace page. Is it possible to embed an unbounce page?

Thanks so much


Hi there! - While this is possible by placing your unbounce page within an iframe, it’s not the most recommended setup for various reasons.

First, landing pages are best used independently from your webpage. Having a large range of content and links tends to drive the users attention away from the focus of your landing page, causing your conversion rate to dwindle.


Second, is if your advertising your landing page through Google Adwords. They have strict restrictions against embedding:


Overall, not the most recommended idea. If you do choose to proceed, do so with caution as you are then giving your landing page a high probability of becoming suspended through Adwords.