Embedding Unbounce Landing Pages in Main Site


Hi Guys,

Very new to Unbounce but I have made a few landing pages and enabled them under a CNAME like get.mydomain.com.

Is it a bad idea to directly link to Unbounce landing pages from within my regular web site?

For one category we have several sub sections - which I have created Unbounce pages for and I was wondering whether linking them into my main site would be a good idea?

I’m not sure how this would affect the google spidering of my site or if this is a really bad idea.

I would love some opinions on what is best practice…


Hi fieldmetrix,

No issues that i’m aware of - linking out to an unbounce page from your site. The only thing that we’ve been cautious of is buying to a mix of unbounce and not unbounce from within the same ad group in google adwords.


Well when it comes to Google’s crawlers, it will read those as Unbounce urls as external links and not part of your site’s map.

Not ideal for SEO, but if you are using those Unbounce pages for a mix of purposes like ad traffic and organic site traffic, I don’t think its the end of the world.