Embedding search widget


I was wondering how it would be possible to add a search widget in place of a lead gen form. When the search options are selected and they click “Search”, I’d like that to open a page on the main website to show the search results.


just point the action url of the search results page in your form  =  method=post action="http://whateverurl";



Hi Adrian,

There are a few ways to do this but it depends on your main website and how it deals with searches.

If for instance your main website uses a URL with parameters (as a lot of them do) to run its search functionality then you could easily mimic this by setting up your form with fields that match the URL parameters needed by your search function. 

For Example… say your search url uses the “query” parameter as part of its URL (you can tell this by performing a search then looking for the name of the search parameter it will come before an = sign and after a ? or & sign) then you would setup your form with the field named query and tick the box that says “pass form information to destination url” and point it to your main websites search URL. The result should be a submitted search to your main site and results displayed on the page.

E.g the URL redirected to yourdomain.com/search with a field in the form called query  should give you something like…


The %20 is a URL encoded space and unbounce will automatically deal with urlencoding so you don’t have to worry about that. 

The other way is to set up a Google custom search engine on your landing page / website, service details of which are here…https://cse.google.com/cse/

I’d be happy to help further if you need it. 

I have one question, are you sure you want to push your landing page traffic where they can potentially get lost in browsing and various exit points without getting some kind of action/conversion from them first?

It’s generally agreed that some kind of sandboxed LP environment will lead to less “traffic leaks” and higher conversions as they don’t need to make a decision on browsing route and therefore, follow through on the conversion process with less thought and less chance to bottle out. 

Personally, I’m not a big fan of forcing people down a specific funnel or route as I feel it lowers lead quality, people should go that way because they want to, from a conscious decision, but I’m yet to find a way to do this that justs as effective so until I do I’ll be sticking to this practice for our clients.

I hope that’s clear, it’s not the easiest thing to explain in a quick reply but it should give you a starting point.





what if we need that parameter be add inside url, not on the end?

Something like:




Hi Milena,

We can amend the output in various ways, even using a small piece of script to change the final URL content and structure. If you could post me an example of the search URL from your main website I will be able to advise you further on what you need to do.




Hi Stuart,

Thanks for fast response.

Here is a search url:

I need to replace  search parameter for example “alfa” with value from form field.



Hi Stuart,

Any idea on Milena’s question (we’re both working on the same issue)?



Hi both,

Yes this is still doable, but because of the URL structure it’s going to need a more complex solution, a bit of custom script will need to be written that changes the final URL and injects the field value in the correct place and conforms to the search URL’s structure including things like categories etc. 

I’d be happy to discuss this further, would be best on email as it’s such a custom solution,  if you’d like to drop me an email to stuart@digitalenrich.com.

Look forward to speaking soon,