Embedding promo pages


Wouldn’t it be nice if one can embed their promos into their website… without loading an iframe with the whole page (which doesn’t look and feel right anyway). I would absolutely love to be able to use unbounce “widgets” right on our web site, esp. in the case of “Launching soon” web site that still has more than one page. What do you think?


Hi Yurri,

Being able to “widgetize” an Unbounce page and use it as you have suggested is something that has come up in out product discussions in the past. It is not something that we have currently made a priority but it since you have brought it up we will have another look at where this could fit in our product roadmap. It is certainly technical feasible and there are some interesting use cases for this kind of functionality. We’ll keep you posted!




FWIW, I’ve been able to use Fancybox to embed multiple Unbounce pages inside of another Unbounce page as a popup. If you go to http://labs.connectme360.com/ and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see three logos for LinkedIn, Tumblr and Delicious. Click on any of them and you get the embed. Once the Fancybox script is in place I can embed any number of external URLs as popups, similar to what Apture.com does for links.

I’ve also been able to use the Custom element to embed specific elements from other pages with a great deal of precision. I used a parallax approach with the CSS where there are separate innerframe and wrapper DIVs, then use the Properties to precisely size and position the element.


I’m using iFrames to embed a small unbounce “leader” page that then links to a full size unbounce page. Other than the fact that iFrames just don’t “feel right” you have to open up any clicked link in a new window (otherwise it shows up in the iFrame).

It would be nice to embed unbounce pages in existing sites. Perhaps a button on the design page or the dashboard that pops up a box with the embed code. Cut the code and paste it in an existing site and, voila, the ubounce page appears. Similar to the way that, say, Mailchimp lets you emed their forms.


I completely agree with this! I would love to embed my entire unbounce landing page into a page on my wordpress site. any updates on this?