Embedding External Websites AND Forms


Hello there!

I’m moving forward using Unbounce in order to capture leads in our industry (Insurance Broker)

Now, the thing is we have to use a soft that makes the automatic estimations in each insurance company based on the data input of the user of his/her car (type, brand,year,etc…)

So, Most possible fact would be to embedd a site where this platform is hosted. (can you tell me how to do this, with the code and everything please?)

On the other hand, I read around here that the conversion tracking would make it harder to track conversions of actions that occur inside an Iframe (the way I read to embed in unbounce). So, how would you make the forms (if it’s possible) without the ones proposed by unbounce. Using instead, the forms that are hosted in an external website with the pre-charged data (car brands, types, years,etc.) in order to keep most of unbounce features up and running?

Thanks for the ideas!


Hello there! is it a hard question? Is there any other place where I could post this?


Hi there, 

You are correct that the best way to approach this is to embed your desired form. 

Simply add an HTML code element and insert an iframe. 

Here is some documentation on iframes. 

As far as conversion tracking, you would need to add a bit of script to your external form/form confirmation. 

You can find the necessary information right here



Great! thx for your post Hristian! Now, just asking, is there a way to input the Forms that are in a Web Services hub on unbounce’s landing page and use unbounce conversion system? I ask this, because we are looking forward having a 3rd party “insurance estimation software” where they give you the forms input thru web services and automatically the hub makes the estimates for every insurance company.

What do you think? would you still approach this by having all the 3rd party platform just “embedded” in the landing page and use unbounce convertion’s script outside the landing page?

wait for your answer,


Hi there, 

Not really sure what you mean by Web Services hub but generally speaking if you have control over the form and what scripts you can insert/attach with it, you should have no problems.