Embedding an href tag into a text box works. Sorta


On a test page, I embedded an href tag into the text boxes of each of the three bullet points off a standard template (see here: http://www.resumeeverywhere.com/synch…, if you want the example). All I did was edit the source of the text box and add the href tag by hand. So far, so good. The problem is that only the last of the three href tags works. The other two display as if they would work, but nothing happens (no mouseover, no click through, nothing).

I’d be fine with none of them working or (even better) all of them working, but the inconsistency has me scratching my head a bit. I’d rather not use the HTML box, as embedding the tag directly in the text box keeps the spacing and fonts consistent.

Has anyone else seen this?


An update; it’s not necessarily the 3rd text box in which the href tag will work. Rather, it’s the last of the href tags encountered.


Hi there. I am having difficulty reproducing the problem you are experiencing. Could you email support@unbounce.com with the url of the page you are experiencing the problem with.




Working now.


Figured out the issue and communicated back to C Syphers.

It was an issue with the box element containing the bullet and bullet text overlapping one another.

Solution is to provide more spacing between bullets or use the front/back buttons in the toolbar to align the bullet content on the z-axis (layer level).