Embedding a Wordpress Blog on an Unbounce Page


I currently have landing pages set up on unbounce and a company blog set up on wordpress. 

We’re in the process of redesigning our blog, and I was wondering if, instead of redesigning our blog in wordpress, I could instead design a landing page unbounce that pulls in content from the blog. 

Because unbounce is easier to design / tweek / test, this would be a far easier prospect.

I’m sure there some way to set up an RSS feed, but I was wondering if we did go that rought, how much design flexibility would we have?

Are there any examples of this?



Hey Sean, 
Since nobody has chimed in on this, I thought I’d interject with a suggestion. Personally, I would keep your blog on wordpress and handle the redesign there. While you could technically_ insert some blog posts in an Unbounce page, it’s not going to be fluid and you’ll lose out on a ton of SEO value. You might also run into mixed warnings in certain browsers, which isn’t a good experience for your users.

Wordpress is also extremely flexible and comes with endless templates, but I would consider hiring a designer from Odesk or Elance to get the overall look/feel that you’re aiming for. 

Hope this helps!