Embed a pre-existing lead generation/sign up form


We already have a secure sign-up form which feeds directly into our web application (photomerchant.net) so using the unbounce lead generation forms is not suitable. It would be great if we could embed our own iFrame code into the pages, or link to be able to reference a JQery Modal window and open a URL with our custom form within it.


Thanks Carter.

I think you’ve got an amazing product here and the UX is great. I’ll investigate how we might get webhooks working so we can track the conversions.


p.s I’ve experienced the same issues with Get Satisfaction notifications not coming through - nothing worse than leaving your customers hanging… :slight_smile:


Thanks Kain, much appreciated! Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about the webhooks, or give us suggestions of making them easier to adapt. They’ve worked pretty well for most users so far, but we’re always open to new suggestions.



Hey Kain, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, our Get Satisfaction notifications weren’t making their way through to us.

It is entirely possible to embed your own custom HTML code in an Unbounce page - many of our users have their own 3rd party forms that they use instead of the built-in Unbounce forms. At the moment, the only drawback to doing this is that we won’t be able to properly track conversions on these forms so your stats won’t be accurate.

In the toolbar of the editor you’ll see buttons for embedding Custom HTML, Scripts and Stylesheets. The combination of those three should let you accomplish whatever custom work you need to.

Let me know if need some more help!