Email Notifications for Integration Errors



…I think it would just be the case of email notifications, in addition to the message on screen beneath each integration. You could say I want to be emailed immediately or daily, or just weekly about errors (and also be told in advance what email address the notification would come from, so you could whitelist in advance).

Then, the email notification itself would categorise by page, then the inegration/function thats at fault (because it could even be a simple case of the wrong address given for ‘email the leads’), followed by the integration error text, when that first happened and the consequence (i.e. integration not in place as a result since, said time).

If that could be an option for when you first create a page/integration for a page and be asked if you want to be notified by email of any errors it would be perfect. As in our case we setup and would return to unbounce weekly, but imagine if there was an error on a Monday and didn’t actually check-in til a Friday.


Was about to post about this and I guess I’ll just bump this thread back up. This is really critical, particularly if you’re running 10-20 different Unbounce clients at once with multiple pages. Manually error-checking those is nearly impossible.


Ryan, any update on this idea?

It would be particularly helpful, especially for clients whose reps use



Hi Adrien,
No update in terms of ETA, but just for a little context Ñ as you’ve noticed, we’ve not been focused as much on Integrations for the last little while since our team has been building some unrelated features. However, I’m in the process of hiring a Product Manager specifically to focus on Integrations & API development so that we can start rolling out improvements like this and get more Integrations in our system.

Sorry that’s not a more conclusive update, but hopefully it lets you know where we are at. To that end, if you know anyone who fits the Product Manager role, please let me know!



Any eta on when this could happen now? A notification for integration errors would be incredibly helpful for my tech team and also nice for me so I don’t have to manually send leads over to our outreach team…